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Our studios wedding albums are beautiful, unique and the perfect way to showcase your wedding story. We feature 3 different classes of albums, the Majestic and Elegant which are handmade over in Italy and then we have our Demure series coffee table books which are one of a kind.

These one of a kind albums can be purchased before or after your wedding. Below we have provided descriptions and videos of each series of album we carry, but you should definitely visit our studio to see printed examples of each one.

The Majestic Series

Each of these albums are hand made over in Italy by GraphiStudio and their quality and precision is unmatched. Wrapped in fine Italian leathers, metals, wood, and glass coverings, along with 6 different award winning printing processes for your images, these albums will astound you. Each wedding album features 9 different paper types, a gutter-less lay flat design and offering a plethora of customizable page design options. Leaving each page tailor made to your unique personal wedding story. Every time you sit down to look at your wedding photos you will be amazed by these heirloom quality albums.

The Elegant Series

Our Elegant series of albums are also handmade Italian albums from GraphiStudio. Even though they are a simpler version of the Majestic Wedding books they have an elegance that is uniquely their own. Offering two covering options in either black or white, using a touch material that feels perfect in your hands. With cover text offering a raised varnish finish, that adds texture and quality to each letter. While the cover may start simple this album offers the ability to upgrade to the Italian leathers, a maple wood finish and an acrylic glass cover. Each of these wedding albums features 9 different paper type options, a gutter-less lay flat design and an array of customizable page design options. Leaving each page tailor made to your unique personal wedding story. This series is a stunning group of professional wedding albums.

The Demure Series

Looking for the perfect little coffee table book for your Engagement Session or Wedding. These are it! Each of these books can hold either 20 or up to 70 pages making them perfect to commemorate any session or event. Each book features full page images, bound with a magazine style binding, and then printed to high definition photo paper. The cover is sturdy, durable, soft to the touch and can feature a stunning image wrapped cover. The engagement session versions of these books make for an excellent guest book that you will always refer to, reminding you of not only your engagement but the kind words of your wedding guests.

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