5 Expert Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks

Now that you are engaged, you are ready to plan the wedding of your dreams! But how do you exactly do that? You have never done this before, don’t really plan on doing it again and really don’t want to make any mistakes along the way.

One of or favourite resources for wedding tips and tricks is theknot.com. They put out some of the best wedding fashion advice, planning tips, venue advice, how to manage your guest’s and so on. I’m sure you have been there before but if you haven’t, definitely check out there site.

Wouldn’t it be great to know ahead of time the essential wedding planning tips and pieces of advice that every bride wishes she knew before her wedding. Well the knot has just such a post and 5 of our favourite tips from that post are below.

1. Plan Your Guest List First

To get started and definitely before you settle on a venue, sit down with your fiancé and really come to terms with the approximate number of guests you would like at your wedding. This will ensure you have all the space needed for your celebration, and that Aunt Judy and Uncle Bob aren’t dining in the lobby or sitting in your lap. A standard rule of thumb for spacial planning is to allow for 25 to 30 square feet per guest. This may seem like overkill, but you need to allow space for all the tables, wait staff, the band and the dance floor where you will dance the night away.

2. Investigate Wedding Blackout Dates

There are several things that could cause you to want to Blackout Dates for your wedding day. It’s a good idea to do some research a head of time to see if there are any trade conferences, charity walks, or other local events happening around or at the venues you are considering. These things can affect everything from hotel availability to local traffic and are good to take into consideration prior to selecting your date.

3. Prioritize your People

This was easily the best thing my wife and I did for our wedding. It helps so much when you are faced with making cuts to your guest list.
Tier 1 – Immediate family and the bridal party
Tier 2 – Close extended family and best friends
Tier 3 – Other Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and close friends you couldn’t image not being there
Tier 4 – Parents friends, neighbours, coworkers and so on

Trust me at first you may feel bad ranking your friends but come crunch time this will definitely help when you are trying to land on your ideal number. Besides you don’t have to every share with anyone that they were in your tier 4 🙂

4. Make a Uniform Kids Policy

With this one you really have 4 choices;
1. You can welcome children with open arms
2. You can decide to have an “adults only” wedding
3. You can include immediate family only or,
4. You can hire a child care service to provide day care either at the reception space, in a hotel room, or in a family member’s home.

To prevent hurt feelings, it is wise to avoid allowing some families to bring children while excluding others (unless, of course, the children are in your bridal party).

5. Provide Accurate Driving Directions

Whenever possible task someone with logistics, planners are great for this. If that’s not possible ensure you have a way to let all your guest’s know where they are going. As easy as online map solutions are, sometimes they are wrong and not everyone is tech friendly (if you know what I mean). If you don’t want to create these yourself reach out to your ceremony and reception sites for printouts or recommended driving directions. Many venues will keep these in stock for weddings and will give them to you for free. If you want something themed have your wedding designer, wedding card designer or a graphic designer create a map. Include these on your wedding website and be sure to test out the routes yourself.

These are just 5 of the 30 amazing tips and tricks provided over on the knot. If you liked these tips let use know in the comments below, have any questions leave a comment or send us an email as we would be happy to help. We wish everyone all the best in planning their weddings.

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