The Moldovan’s Wedding at Calgary’s The Lake House

A Picturesque Day for the Perfect Pair

Nico Getting Ready

We started the day of Laura and Nico’s wedding, bright and early. First, we headed over to Panorama Hills, where we met Nico and the guys as they got ready.

We took a few establishing shots and then got right into the gift opening. Nico’s parents began by unwrapping a beautiful Scrabble tile frame made by Laura.

Then it was Nico’s turn.

He began with the card, and upon opening it, his eyes lit up. “I got her the same card!”

He then opened the box to find a journal inside, detailing all of the reasons she loves him. In a moment charged with emotion, he grew sentimental as he read her words. To say the gift was impressive would be an understatement. Once he’d read it through, he began to feel self-conscious about the gift he’d given her. But, he’d have to wait to find out what she thought of it!

Next, the groomsmen opened their gifts from the groom; bottles of whiskey and their ties for the day. After a few hilarious photos of the attempts to tie the ties, Nico’s mom stepped in to save the day, and the guys were ready for the wedding!


Laura Getting Ready

We left Nico’s party and headed off to meet Laura at the Atrium building at the Delta South just off Macleod Trail. When we arrived, they were wrapping up hair and makeup, so we grabbed a few shots as stylist Christina Kemp did the final setting spray and Makeup Artist Valerie Guzman and her team put on the finishing touches. We stepped into the next room and photographed Laura’s intricate dress between lit up French doors.

The girls came in, already wearing their gift of matching personalized sweatpants. After Laura photobombed her dress, we took a group shot of the women, who were full of energy and ready for the day. They then opened the rest of their gifts; a pair of delicate earrings and a personalized photobook created with images curated from each of their friendships with Laura. The books were beautiful and touching, speaking not only to the talent of their creator but to her huge heart.

The bride, her mom, and her maid of honour Lisa stepped out to get Laura into her gown. In the ready room, they pinned the veil and fastened the jewelry; it was time for the first look.
When the French doors opened, the women were waiting on the other side, champagne in hand and smiles on their faces. Then, Laura’s Dad appeared, and upon seeing her, wrapped her up in his arms for a massive hug.

Then it was time for Nico’s gift, the one he didn’t think would live up to hers. But, as soon as she saw the matching card, her eyes filled with tears. Her reaction to his gift was a touching testament to their connection; she felt like the gift she’d given him, in comparison, wasn’t good enough either.

Before we headed out, the party made one final champagne toast before heading off to meet up with the groom.


The First Look at Studio Bell

We hopped into the cars and drove off to Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre in Calgary. The space is a beautiful modern dream, with a twisting stairwell and dramatic angles. The stunning natural light served up the perfect atmosphere for Nico and Laura’s first look.
At the bottom of the stairs, he waited, facing the wall. We started by photographing them both from the back, feeling the suspense in the air. She reached up and placed her hands over his eyes. He took a nervous breath, turned around, and there she was.

From then on, the smile never faded from his face.


The Creative Formals at Studio Bell

To kick off the creative photographs, we lingered in the dramatic light of Studio Bell. We headed up to the second floor and used the stories-high windows as a backlight for the silhouettes. To wrap up we dropped into the Performance Hall for some striking long shots of Laura and Nico, sitting together in the empty theatre, entirely alone and entirely happy.

For the remainder of the formals session, we headed over to the buildings along 8th avenue for shots of the wedding party. On a backdrop of brightly coloured shipping containers, the group let their hair down, broad smiles gracing their faces. We used the brick buildings, glass windows, and alleys draped with hanging lights as a setting. After busting out a few silly poses for the camera, it was time for the group to head over to the Lake House for the big moment.


Their Ceremony at the Lake House

We drove out to the Lake House on Lake Bonavista, a uniquely elegant and rustic venue that overlooks the water. Kirsten Davies, the event planner, was putting the final touches on everything as we arrived. She and Kevin, the Front of House Manager, were very accommodating. Before the guests entered, we, along with the team at Ferdi Flancia Films, had a moment to capture the details. The room was set up magnificently, complete with lace chair ties, an ornate fireplace covered in candles, and gorgeous elk antler chandeliers.

Once everyone was settled, it was time to begin the ceremony with officiant Tamara Jones. Accompanied by his parents, Nico came down the aisle to stand in front of the grand fireplace. Soon, the music began and down walked Laura, arm in arm with her parents.

The ceremony itself was short and sweet, with beautiful vows, the exchange of rings, and the signing. To top it off, Tamara Jones led a champagne toast to Mr. and Mrs. Moldovan!

We lingered as the excellent staff at the Lake House made quick work of turning over the room for the reception. In the meantime, we fanned out the train of Laura’s intricate lace dress and photographed her in front of the fireplace. After a few family photos, we stepped out to their wine room with the happy couple, who posed amongst the Lake House’s dramatically lit collection of wines and spirits.


The Moldovan Reception at the Lake House on Lake Bonavista

For the reception, the room had transformed. Tables were set up throughout the hall, with beautiful square vases filled with luscious bouquets. Menu cards adorned the tables, upon runners that perfectly complemented the colours and atmosphere of the space.

The newlyweds entered, and the reception fell right into speeches. The maid of honour Lisa and best man Adrian both gave speeches, followed by the parents of the bride and groom. Dinner was served and consisted of several delicious courses, including beef tenderloin and snapper. Laura and Nico stood to give their thank you’s, passing the mic back and forth between each other.

A decadent chocolate cherry cake followed the dinner, and afterward, we showed our same-day slideshow.

Then it was time for the first dance, to an expressive cover of Kascade’s “Eyes,” performed by Gavrielle and Nick Goldston.

Then, the glow sticks came out, the photo booth started up, and the party was on! DJ Andrew Lewis with Hype Entertainment kept the music going well into the night, and Scott, taking over for Kevin, organized a tasty midnight lunch for the guests. The night was coming to a close, but for Nico and Laura, their lives were just beginning.

Online Gallery

An online gallery of all their images is available for the next 90 days. From the online gallery you are able to favourite images, order prints and share the gallery with your family and friends. The gallery can be accessed via the link below and you can contact the couple directly for their secure password.

The Moldovan Wedding Day Slideshow

Above you will find the Wedding Slideshow that we created from a selection of the best edited photos that we captured on their special day.

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We are so fortunate to have had the opportunity to share this special day with them and all their family and friends. We wish them many years of happiness together.

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A Couple of my Favorite Photos fro Laura and Nico’s Wedding

The Moldovan’s Wedding Credits

Date | 3.24.18
Officiant – Tamara Jones with Weddings by Tamara
Ceremony and Reception Venue – The Lake House
Hair and Makeup – Valerie Guzman Professional Bridal Makeup Artist
Florist – Andrea with Pretty Petal Floral Designs
DJ – Chelsie Isley with Hype Entertainment
Videographer – Ferdi Flancia Films
Photography by Jeremy Martel & Muhammed Alsalim

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