Most Awkward Wedding Moment Ever

Photographing someones wedding can be and incredibly stressful job because of the importance and weight placed on it’s results. When you photograph someones wedding you are not only capturing a families history but creating their first family heir loom. With this responsibility on your shoulders how do you respond to a request to stop photographing all together, in the middle of the ceremony?

This video was posted a couple days ago, from a wedding last weekend and we wanted to share it with you. It’s been a hot topic all over the photography community since it was posted. One of the photographers we were chatting with actually attended the wedding as a guest so we thought we would provide a little extra context. This situation occurred near the end of the ceremony and the officiant was a venue recommended officiant and the couples last choice. In the end the officiant apologized to the photographers and admitted he should apologize to the bride and groom.

One of the required skills of a wedding photographer is to be like a ninja, and do our job as silently and as invisible as possible. But what do you do when the officiant won’t settle for a mere ninja, he wants you to evaporate completely?

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